Timing Adjustment Chart

When using the Master Game Addition, each quarter consists of 30 full plays.  Certain plays are recorded as half-plays (i.e., incompletions, touchdowns, field goals, safeties, plays that go out of bounds, whenever the ball changes team possession and penalties).  Each half play accounts for a 15- second interval, a quarter consists of 60 half plays.  Let’s use the following example, The NY Jets kick off to the NE Patriots and the ball is returned to the NE 20-yard line to begin the game (half play or 14:45). Tom Brady’s first down pass is incomplete (half play or 14:30).  L. Blount is stuffed for no gain on second down but remained in bounds (full play or 14:00). Darrelle Revis intercepts Tom Brady’s third-down pass 25-yards downfield and returns it 45-yards for a touchdown (half play or 13:45).  I would record this play on the reverse side of my scoresheet as: NYJ – Revis 45 interception return (Folk kick), 13:45.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative timing methodology to enhance the realism of the game? Wait no more; Mark Zarb has created a simple but effective solution that only requires three dice (traditional red and white die and another colored die) and the Timing Adjustment Chart. After a scoring play, roll all three dice and read the red/white in first column and the other colored die across the top.  If the other colored die roll is a 6, a re-roll is required.

Timing Adjustment Example

Using the above example, I would add 8 from the original time of 13:45 resulting in the new time of 13:53. I would now record the scoring play as: NYJ – Revis 45 interception return (Folk kick), 13:53.

Note:  If you time a game were the final play of the game is annotated as the 15:00 mark, you would subtract.  If you time a game were the final play of the game is annotated as 0:00 you would add.

4 thoughts on “Timing Adjustment Chart

  1. Greg. If you are subtracting 8 from 13:45, shouldn’t it be 13:37; not 13:53? It looks like you added 8 seconds here. That said, this is great; I have always wondered how you got this times that were not in 15 second intervals

  2. Mark. You are correct and I have corrected the post. The disconnect is Mark Zarb and I time games differently. When time expires in his game, he annotates it as 15:00 where I indicate it as 0:00. So if you record time like Mark does you would subtract or you would add if you keep time like I do.

  3. Very cool idea

    Was wondering what your thoughts are on the clock using college teams.

    Also, you may already be aware of this but the makejo site has a utility that we can use to make your own football cards and it also allows one to create cards for the data discs which is useful for seasons which are not available from Apba. I use it on my old xp computer to make some ncaa teams here and there.

    Keep the updates coming. I always enjoy the game replays and innovations that you send. Your passion for the game comes across.


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    • I was always under the impression that college football would require 36 plays per quarter but the timing chart would work regardless of the duration of a game.

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