David Taitano (a.k.a. RogueBorg1)

The beauty of the APBA Convention is the camaraderie, just being in the same room with so many folks who share the same passion for our hobby. I always look forward to seeing “the guys” but really enjoy when I finally get to meet someone face-to-face who I have corresponded with for years on the message boards. This year I had the pleasure of hanging out with David Taitano or as he is known on “Between the Lines” – RogueBorg1. What a class guy!!  We probably spent a total of 13-hours playing football and loved every second of it.  Dave just has one character flaw; he doesn’t know how to lose. The only solace I can take out of the “beat downs” was the outcome of each game came down to the final roll.

Dave and I


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  1. My first APBA convention will always be remembered for getting to hang out with “THE” APBA football guy, the Oguard, Greg. Thanks for the kind words my friend.

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