“QB Sneak” Chart

I want to share this neat “qb-sneak” chart created by Mark Zarb. This chart incorporates fumbles, first down measurements, penalties and lost yardage versus all three defensive alignments. For example, it’s third and one and offense is in A index against G defensive alignment and the play result off the QB’s card is 11. Refer to the chart and you will see (1-4)* indicating a measurement is required. Roll single die and if within 1-4 range it’s a 1-yard gain and a first down. If it was outside the range (5 or 6) there is no gain.

Mark and I incorporated this chart into our audible system. The QB comes to the line and “A” gap is not covered by a defender, the QB has the option to audible to a QB sneak or you can use this chart purely as a “standalone” feature. Either way it offers another alternative to playing this great game without slowing down play.

4 thoughts on ““QB Sneak” Chart

  1. Interesting … but, shouldn’t there be some kind of “measurement” on ANY play that ends up right at the first down marker? How is running an inside run to a halfback or fullback so different from a QB sneak that you would not have a similar rule? I also think a rule like this works best in a “solo” game. We actually used to have a “measurement” rule in our face-to-face league in Tampa, but we had to get rid of it because coaches complained that it was putting more emphasis on one more element of “luck.” The though that, if you made a good offensive play call and got the first down, you shouldn’t get penalized by an additional dice roll. . I have always thought that, if you want a feature like this, a measurement should be taken in an APBA game whenever you either get exactly the ten yards you need, or, if you get NINE yards. You could roll one die – odd would be a successful first down, and even would be short. Success would measure ten yards and failure would be nine.

    Ray Dunlap

    • Interesting point but it would probably slow down play too much…Since I only implement this chart off of an audible it rarely occurs so I don’t mind an extra roll, if applicable.

  2. I would like to download or copy the QB Sneak Chart, but I am unable to find the link. Any suggestions?
    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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