2016 Tournament

Greg Barath (Oguard62) has graciously invited me to use his site to share the results of my APBA Football tournaments and some of the innovations that I have created and tested that other football gamers might be able to adopt.

My current project is nowhere near as ambitious as the replays that Greg and Mark Zarb conduct, but, for me, it gives me a great opportunity to use all 32 current NFL teams and have an enjoyable and competitive experience.

This year I am going to “mix things up” a little.  I will be playing a single elimination tournament with each NFL team just as I have the past ten years or so.  But this year I am going to add something new.

I will also be doing a replay of the Dallas Cowboys 2016 season.  Being a life-long Cowboys fan, I wanted to take advantage of their great year last year and see if I can replicate their success!

I will go into a little more detail about my process in my next post.  But, suffice it to say that I am honored to be invited to share my gaming experiences on this forum!

Ray Dunlap (APBA Hall of Fame – 2016)

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