APBA Football Tournament Process

Dallas 2016 Quotas

OK, I’m just about ready to go with my tournament, and I have to tell you that whenever someone embarks on a serious replay the “prep” work that needs to be done is extensive.  I went through each NFL team, cross-referenced with the APBA Football rosters, and assigned quotas for games played, pass attempts, rushes, receptions, punt and kickoff returns as well as place kicks, punts an kick-offs.  As you can imagine, it is a tedious, but, I believe, a necessary exercise to make sure that the games will be competitive and accurate.  And, since it takes me about 90 minutes per team to get ready, I have already invested nearly 50 hours of time before I even play my first game!

I have attached a copy of the Cowboys quota sheet for skilled player quotas.  A roll of the dice will dictate who the quarterback is, how many rushing attempts each running-back can attempt as well as the number of pass attempts I can throw to each receiver as well as the number of Long Passes that can be thrown to them.  All of these quotas are based on their actual numbers as well as the team’s overall completion percentage and the player’s receiving grade.  These quotas are calculated so that, over a 16 game season, the numbers should be pretty statistically accurate.

I have a similar chart for all of the non-skills to determine who starts at each position – and, again, it is determined by a dice roll and based on actual usage, so not every player will be available for every game.  In fact, since Tom Brady of the Patriots missed four games in the 2016 season, he has a 25% chance of not being available for New England games – and that could prove critical.  But, he missed those games during his suspension and that’s why his starts will be randomly limited for my replay.

Ironically, because I play a single-elimination tournament, half of these teams will be gone after the first round, so that’s a lot of prep work for 16 teams that will only play one game!!

I play my own version of the APBA Football Game, using my own self-created boards, four plays (Run, Plunge, Short Pass an Long Pass), and I determine my play results using my match-up system.

First game?  Giants vs. Rams!!!  Can’t wait to get started!!


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