Another Batch of Questions!

By Ray Dunlap

Result 6: Ballcarrier gains 13 yds, then fumbles; ball bounces 12 more yds towards defense’s goal, recovered there by o5.

Ballcarrier gets on rushing attempt for 13 yards and a fumble.  The other yardage is incidental.

Result 5: Bad snap goes through QB’s legs, o11 recovers for 3 yd loss

This is actually a fumble charged to the center!  The QB gets credited for one run for zero yards (there has to be a run, pass or sack on every offensive play).  All yardage is incidental.  Now, if the snap had gone 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage and the Fullback recovered it and ended up with a 3 yard loss, he would be credited with fumble recovery yardage, but there is no offensive yardage calculated on that play!

Result 8: QB fumbles snap, o4 falls on ball for 1 yd gain

One rushing attempt for the QB for zero yards and a fumble.  The fact that the ball was advanced one yard before the center recovered it is counted as incidental yardage.

Result 10: Center snaps ball one count early, ball pops into air and is caught by d2 at line, he returns it 1 yd

One run for zero yards for the QB and a fumble lost.  The defensive tackle gets credited with a fumble recovery and a on yard fumble return.

Result 11: Ballcarrier fumbles handoff, ball rolls behind him, he falls on it in end zone, safety

One rushing attempt for the QB for zero yards and a fumble.  The remaining yardage is incidental and not counted for statistical purposes.


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