Observations on my Disastrous Dallas Cowboys Replay!

Cowboys Stats

By Ray Dunlap

When I started this project, I was super charged up!  I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since Eddie Lebaron was the quarterback in 1963!  So, a chance to replay one of their best single seasons was something I was really looking forward to.

Well, here I am at the halfway point . . . and the Cowboys, who actually finished the first half of the 2016 season 8-0, are languishing at 4-4 and have the Steelers staring them in the face for game #9!

It’s kind of hard for me to put my finger on what has gone wrong – but it is curious.  It kind of reminds me of the 1960 World Series, where the Yankees crushed the Pirates in the 3 games they won, and Pittsburgh barely beat the Bombers in the four games they took.  But, the Pirates, despite being out-hit and significantly out-scored, still won the Series.

In Dallas’ four victories, they have won by an average score of 36-9.  In their four losses, the average score has been 28-25.  So, except for a few bad breaks, and maybe some not-so-good coaching on my part, the Cowboys could be a whole lot better than 4-4!

Statistically (see the attached stats sheet), Prescott and Elliott have been terrific.  Prescott only has one interception in eight games and Elliott has a remarkable 15 rushing touchdowns already.  I know that seems like a ridiculous number, but it is awfully hard not to go to him down at the goal line – his card is just sensational!  Ironically, despite all of his touchdowns, his yards-per-carry is below his actual 2016 number.

And, I don’t know why Prescott scrambles so much – just luck of the dice I guess, but he has been remarkable rushing the football  . . . with way too many carries.

So, as I get ready for the second half, we’ll just see if the APBA Gods smile on “America’s Team” . . . . . . . but, either way, I know it will be fun no matter what happens!


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