Innovation Friday

A couple of weeks ago, Ray Dunlap and I were chatting about implementing a day where we post an innovation that was either previously posted several years back or a new one fresh off the press. Well as a “hat tip” to my friend, I would like to post Ray Dunlap’s very own “Pass Receiving Quota’s” that he published in the APBA Journal back in October 1989.

Without question, my favorite innovation of all time is my APBA Football brother’s, Mark Zarb, “Yards per Catch” innovation but before this was created I played countless games using Ray’s innovation. I loved it because it’s math-based, player controlled with a built in bonus for throwing to “C” index receivers. However, the best feature is his “Extended Length Passes” (ELP) which does a great job of separating the possession receivers from the either the 7.5 yards per catch running backs or the 20-yard plus deep threats.

Pass Receiving Quotas (Dunlap APBA Journal)



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