Cowboys Top Eagles – Finish Season 12-4

Dallas – Philadelphia Recap Sheet

After a horrific 2-4 start to my 2016 Dallas Cowboys replay, they won their last ten games to finish 12-4!  And, this one was a little special, because long-time Dallas quarterback, Tony Romo, made his one and only appearance in the season.  He came in early in the 4th quarter, after Philadelphia had clawed back from a 27-10 halftime deficit to within a touchdown, 27-20.  And, on his very first pass, he hit Jason Witten with a 53 yard touchdown pass!  He ended up 3-3 for 84 yards . . . and his card is ridiculously awesome . . . but those were the only three passes he attempted in the replay!

I will tabulate and publish Dallas’ final stats in a few days.

3 thoughts on “Cowboys Top Eagles – Finish Season 12-4

    • I debated about using Romo – after all, he probably has the best passing card I have ever seen! But, I think the Cowboys played him in the actual season-ender against the Eagles, so I thought it made sense . . . but, damn, if I wasn’t afraid to throw the ball with him. I didn’t want him to rack up 200 yards in one quarter!!

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