Bobby McGill’s Play Chart


Bobby was kind enough to share his play calling chart/system for his current 2009 NFL replay. Bobby is a former Strat-O-Matic Football player and he is using his Strat-O-Matic solitaire system for use with the APBA game engine. Once difference that immediately jumped out at me was the reverse order of solitaire play. When playing APBA solo play, the person acts as offensive coordinator for both teams. Having never played Strat, I have no idea of the mechanics of the game. I was just surprised that the coach is acting a defensive coordinator for each team. I haven’t asked Bobby if he calls the defensive alignment or if he uses Fletch or another math-based system to make the call.

All I can say is his system must be working based on the statistical accuracy of his team and individual statistics for his 2009 NFL replay.

Thanks Bobby for sharing and offering the community another alternate method of play for solitaire coaches.




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