APBA Football & the Next Chapter of My Life – Retirement

APBA Football has played a significant role in my life. During the good times, it has allowed me to meet so many worthwhile people either virtually or in-person who I consider to be friends. If it wasn’t for this hobby, I would have never had the opportunity to meet Mark Zarb who has become “family”. During the bad times, it has helped me cope with the death of loved ones, provided the mental escape from working 60-hour work weeks due to man-power cuts, and comfort my wife during the dark days shortly after being diagnosed with stage four cancer because she always found solace in the sound of the dice.

For the last four months, I’ve been living in an empty home. My wife, my dog and the rest of the critters moved into our new home that we had built in Sequim, Washington. No furniture, no television, no radio, no problem. I had a bed, card table and a chair. It’s all I needed to roll a few APBA Football games. At least now, I’m residing in a hotel since the sale of my home last week.

After thirty-five years in the defense industry, I’m thrilled to announce my last duty-day is this Friday, April 27th. I will board a flight Saturday morning with a “one-way” ticket and join my family and retire.

None of us has a crystal ball to tell the future, so I rely on “trend analysis” to make educated guesses in my life. When I review my family history, the facts tell me that my father died at 59 from heart disease and my mother at 73 from a rare cancer. I turned 55 in December and already have had multiple cardiac catheterizations and open heart surgery. The one certainty we have in this life is you “can’t beat your genes.” This played a major factor into my decision to end my professional career.

While sitting at the bar of my favorite steakhouse last Friday evening, I struck up a conversation with a fellow patron and the discussion turned to retirement. He looked at me and said “Young fellow, the most important part about being retired, is that you need to find a hobby to occupy some of your time”. I looked him square in the eye and said “Sir, I got that one covered”.



21 thoughts on “APBA Football & the Next Chapter of My Life – Retirement

  1. So happy to hear it. I shot you a text but I have a new phone so I am not sure I have the right number. Look forward to the OGuard retirement replay tour.

  2. Congratulations on retirement. I did it myself on 1/1/18 and am thoroughly enjoying it. Wish you the best on yours and many happy years of APBA Football in your future.

  3. Greg;

    `I want to take this opportunity to wish you health and a long retirement with your family. Even though we have never met I feel I know you though your emails and APBA football posts. You have always been there whenever I needed to know how to play the game in a better way. I too, am retired both in the civilian and military world. I would have to say a little longer than you. I would hope that when you get to your new “retirement” destination that the emails and everything will keep coming. They are a joy!!!!

    Thanks for everything.

    A fan of yours

    John Romano

  4. Greg, congrats on a long career and even more so on your retirement. Interestingly I recently mentioned your passion for football and the frequency of your gaming and posts to my wife and wondered if you were retired – she said well you will play that much when you retire. I must say your passion and your commitment to APBA football encouraged me to print off your PowerPoints – dip my toe back in -and then later to jump fully in and drive all weekend to acquire 40 seasons of APBA from a fanatic who had moved on to stratomatic.
    Then when I posted questions about using older cards with new boards who was first to quickly answer? You of course. Thanks for your passion and rekindling my love of APba. I indeed have my hobby too!

    • I’m so glad that you took the leap back into the hobby. It’s a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. Thank you for commenting, it really meant a lot to me.

  5. Greg,
    Congratulations on your retirement. I wish you and your family a long and healthy retirement. As I write this message from poolside in Orlando, you are likely in flight to the West Coast to begin your retirement. I too like you retired from government contracting work on 04/01/18. I made the decision to retire based on the level of stress at work, my family history, my health, and the amount of retirement savings. You cannot take it with you so I plan to enjoy it now. You have made many fine contributions to the APBA Football community but it is your personality and warm that makes the man. I am glad to be your friend and wish you and your family all the best in retirement. See ya soon buddy!

    Randy Coryer

  6. Congratulations on your retirement Greg! Mine will need to wait another year and hopefully I’ll have more time and energy to roll the bones of APBA football. Love your posts and replays!

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