Sacks & Interceptions . . .

One thing that has always driven me crazy is the APBA Football Master Game Sack and Interception Finder System.  Not because it isn’t accurate, because it truly is.  No, what has always bothered me is that guys who are not even on the field will get credited for sacks and picks!!

Now, I have tried a number of different ways to address this, with almost no success.  And, even though the game company gives you the option of only using the defensive players on the field in determining the calculation, what a pain it is to have to recalibrate this formula every time you make a substitution.  I can understand why just keeping the entire roster in this formula saves some time.

Until now!

I have created what I hope is a very easy spreadsheet (click on the “Sack and Pick Quotas” attachment below) to account for only those defensive players on the field.  Simply put in their “QS” and “W” numerical ratings and you get a simple dice roll table to determine who gets credit for the sack or the interception.  If you make a substitution, you only have to enter, at most, two new numbers and you will automatically get a new chart.

I will be using this system in my next replay.  But, I would love to get some feedback on this idea.  Look over the spreadsheet and let me know your thoughts . . . . .


Sack and Pick Quotas

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