A Big Shout-Out to Phil Molloy!!

Now, I have never met Phil (at least, I don’t think I have – I am getting older, after all!), but I have to thank him for his remarkable work on the penalty tables for the football game.  I hope everyone in Mr. Barath’s community who subscribes to this website understands how amazing all of these contributors are.  And, one of the best examples of that is Phil’s take on penalties.

His penalty project saved me a good four to five hours of work trying to recreate a similar outcome, and I cannot thank him enough!

I have long been an unapologetic critic of the game company’s approach to penalties.  Think about the “Roughing the Kicker” penalty as one example.  In the actual 2017 NFL season there was only ONE of these penalties called . . . . ONE!  If you play APBA Football right out of the box, I can pretty much assure you that you will have one of these penalties every 15-20 games.  But, with Mr. Malloy’s updated system, your results will be a much better approximation of real life.

So, what Phil did is remarkable.  He took the actual NFL penalty stats and created penalty boards that are simple to use and statistically accurate.  That’s really a “win-win” in my book.  And, if you haven’t seen them yet, they are here on this website.  Print them out and start using them!

So, thanks Phil . . . . . and thanks, also, to Greg who built this forum and does so much to advance APBA Football and all those knuckleheads like me who love to play it!!

~Ray Dunlap

4 thoughts on “A Big Shout-Out to Phil Molloy!!

  1. I have printed out Phil’s creation, but I’m not sure I totally understand how to use his innovation. Can you explain how to use his system correctly? Thanks Ray!

  2. Pretty straightforward. Whenever you get a penalty result, you would refer to his tables instead of the game company’s. And you roll THREE dice (I use a yellow one along with the traditional red and white dice). The numbers 1-6 along the top of the chart refers to that indicator die. For example, if you have a TE penalty and you roll a 44 on the APBA dice and a 3 on the indicator die, the penalty result is a “6.” Look at the chart to the right of the table and you see that a “6” is a Holding penalty on the defense. If, however, that indicator die had been a 6 and not a 3, then the roll of 44 would result in penalty 31, which is Unnecessary Roughness on the defense. If your original result is an IP, or Infrequent Penalty, you would re-roll the APBA dice and look in the IP column for your result. It is a very easy system to navigate.

  3. Thanks Ray! No, we’ve never met … unless you’ve ever visited Australia. Glad to see that others are using the charts I made up.
    I’ve just posted a new version of the charts here, that fix some minor errors and made some improvements.

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