Dunlap NFL Tournament Elimination Bracket

OK, after 32 games, we have eliminated eight teams.  We also have eight teams who won both their first two playoff games giving them an automatic berth in the “Sweet Sixteen.”  That means there are still 8 spots to be decided and that will be done in the Elimination Round, which features every 1-1 team.  Here’s what’s coming up:

Teams who already qualified for the Final 16 spots:


New England, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Baltimore


Philadelphia, Minnesota, Carolina, Detroit


Matchups for the Elimination Bracket – winners move on, losers’ seasons are over:


Denver – Buffalo                                              Miami – L.A. Chargers

Houston – Kansas City                                    N.Y. Jets – Pittsburgh


Arizona – Atlanta                                             Green Bay – Seattle

Tampa Bay – New Orleans                             San Francisco – L.A. Rams



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