Down to the Final Eight Teams in my Tournament!

After 48 games, we’ve got eight teams left in my 2017 NFL Tournament!  And, we’ve had some pretty good surprises along the way.  First, the pairings for these Divisional Games with their pre-tournament seedings in parentheses:


   Tennessee (#5) vs. Jacksonville (#3)

   Baltimore (#7) vs. New England (#1)


   New Orleans (#4) vs. Atlanta (#6)

   Detroit (#7) vs. Seattle (#8)

As you can see, there are some notable absences.  In the AFC, #2 seeded Pittsburgh and #4 seeded Kansas City are both out.  But, it is in the NFC that the most mayhem has taken place!  The top three seeds have all been eliminated – Philadelphia, Minnesota and the Los Angeles Rams!!

And, with only seven games left in my tournament, it should be a wild stretch run!!

6 thoughts on “Down to the Final Eight Teams in my Tournament!

  1. Going to a double-elimination format for the first three rounds of this tournament made a huge difference for me. It allowed me to play everyone at least twice and added 24 games for me to play (55 versus 31). This has been more fun than any of my other projects. I just can’t believe I’m almost done!!

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