2018 NFL Tournament About to Begin . . .

I have just completed all of the prep work for my tournament.  And, as with anyone embarking on a replay, the prep work was extensive!  It takes about an hour and a half per team to get my quota forumla set for this tournament . . . and I have been working on this almost daily since the APBA Convention ended last month!

But, all that hard work is about to pay off, because I will start playing games this weekend!

I do a tournament with each team seeded in their own conference based on their 2018 W-L record.  The #16 seed plays the #1 seed, etc.  At the end of round one I will have sixteen winners and sixteen losers.  All the winners play each other in round two as do all the losing teams.  When Round two is done, I will have eight teams with 2-0 records, sixteen teams with 1-1 records and eight teams with 0-2 records.  The teams with two losses will be eliminated.

Round three will pit the unbeatens against one another, and the 1-1 teams will face off against each other.  At the end of this round, I will have four teams with 3-0 records, twelve teams with 2-1 records and eight teams with 1-2 records.  Again, those eight teams with two losses will be done.

This will leave 16 teams who will then continue in a single-elimination format, eventually getting to our Super Bowl.

This will be a total of 59 games, about two games a week until February, which works out perfectly for me.

Here are the first round matchups . . . . .

Round One

1: Oakland at Kansas City

2: Arizona at New Orleans

3: NY Jets at LA Chargers

4: San Francisco at LA Rams

5: Jacksonville at New England

6: Tampa Bay at Chicago

7: Buffalo at Houston

8: NY Giants at Dallas

9: Cincinnati at Baltimore

10: Detroit at Seattle

11: Denver at Indianapolis

12: Green Bay at Philadelphia

13: Miami at Pittsburgh

14: Carolina at Minnesota

15: Cleveland at Tennessee

16: Washington at Atlanta

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  1. Looking forward to this. I’m picking Kansas City to win it all. How amazing is Mahomes’ card?

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