2018 NFL Tournament – Round 2 Matchups

I’ve completed the first round of my Tournament using the current (2018) football cards.  As a point of reminder, I am doing a double elimination format until I trim the number of teams from 32 to 16.

So, in round two, each winning team will play another winning team, while each losing team plays another losing team.  So, at the end of this round, I will have eliminated 8 teams.  Eight other teams will be unbeaten and 16 teams will be 1-1.

The unbeatens will then play each other, leaving four teams without a loss – those will represent the #1 and #2 seeds in each Conference.  The 16 teams who are 1-1 will face off against one another, eliminating another 8 teams.

What will remain are 16 teams – 8 in each Conference – to play single elimination until I get to the Super Bowl.

Here are the Round Two matchups:

Round Two Matchups

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