2018 Tournament – Round Three

OK . . . I have completed the first two rounds of my tournament – 32 games, and I am down to 24 teams.  Each team has played two games and anyone who has lost both of their games has been eliminated.  That leaves eight teams who are undefeated (2-0) and 16 teams who are 1-1.

The unbeatens will each play another unbeaten team, and the 1-1 teams will all play a team that is also 1-1.  This will result in 8 more teams with a second loss, which will eliminate them.  The unbeaten teams have all qualified for the 16-Team single elimination part of this tournament – they are playing for seeding now.

So, at the end of this round of games, I will have 16 remaining qualifiers, eight in each conference.  Four of these teams will have 3-0 records, and the other twelve will be 2-1.

Now the fun really starts!  Here is the schedule for Round Three:


               NFL 2018 Playoffs – Round 3


Elimination Bracket (Each team 1-1)                                        Winner’s Bracket (2-0)

33: Jacksonville at Houston                                                         37: Indianapolis at Baltimore

34: Carolina at Seattle                                                                   38: Minnesota at Dallas

35: NY Jets at New England                                                         43: Pittsburgh at Kansas City

36: Green Bay at Chicago                                                             44: Atlanta at New Orleans

39: Cincinnati at Tennessee

40: Washington at Philadelphia

41: Oakland at LA Chargers

42: Detroit at LA Rams

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