Notre Dame Offense (Pro Slot)

ND (Pro Slot or Doubles)

Notre Dame Offense: During my film study, I was shocked to see the Irish use a spread concept. The formation they are in is called Pro Slot Right or Doubles. This formation is the staple of today’s pro and collegiate game, however, it is primarily used with 11 personnel (1 running back/1 tight end). The Fighting Irish remained in their 21 personnel but positioned Rocky Bleier as the flanker (flanks the tight end, see top left of image). This is primarily a passing formation used on situational downs, however, they ran a few draw plays and a screen pass from this set.

Michigan State Defense: The Spartans remained in their base 5-2 defense but notice how the weak-side inside linebacker (#38) shifted out of the tackle box to be able to cover the flat in pass defense and still be close enough to support against the run. Since we are unable to see any defensive backs, it’s safe to say they are playing some type of zone defense. Another indicator of zone defense is #38, notice his hips are turned towards the quarterback which is a tell-tale sign of zone coverage.

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