“Playing a Legend”

I was going through some old photos and came across the below photo of Roy Langhans and me playing a Face-to-Face Football game at the 2019 APBA Convention. Roy is APBA royalty, without question, if there was a Mount Rushmore of APBA, his face would be on it. He is a first-class gentleman, who carries himself with grace and kindness. I will never forget the first time that I met him, it was at my first convention. These were still the days when there was only a baseball tournament at the convention and I am purely a football guy. I hear a voice behind me saying “Hey, Oguard” and I turnaround to see Roy introducing himself.  He reaches in his pocket and removes this old football scoresheet from his college days and provides me the back story. It was hilarious and proved to be an excellent icebreaker because from that moment I felt at home.

The game that we played was between the 1993 Miami Dolphins and the 1993 New York Jets. Now, Roy is an original APBA Hall of Famer who is proficient in every game the company ever produced. He has Dan Marino and he opens up the first couple series with a “2-Tight End” formation and roasting me with screen passes. Needless to say, he had me reeling at first, but I have learned my lessons over the years from Greg Wells and adjusted accordingly. It was three hours of pure bliss!

Hopefully, the convention will resume next year and for those of you that never attended, I highly encourage you to do so.

Roy Langhans

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  1. Awesome Story! I remember the first time I met Roy and called him Mr Langhans. It was less a commentary on his age and more a reflection on my upbringing. In that now familiar voice he said, “Just call me Roy.” He is my dad’s age and after spending a few days with Roy, I always view my dad as being a bit younger than their current age.

  2. I remember this vividly. Roy made some kind of a clerical error and was not allowed to participate in the Baseball Tournament at the Convention. Now, why special dispensation is not given to APBA Hall-of-Famers, I won’t ever understand . . . . but, the bottom line was that he really had little to do that Saturday while the baseball tournament was in full tilt. And, Greg, you don’t play the baseball game . . . so, two APBA legends got together to play football. I know this because I watched about half this game as it was being played. It was entertaining and competitive . . . and, in my opinion, truly captures the spirit of the Convention – to connect with and compete against your fellow gamers. So, Roy figured out a way to turn Chicken sh*t into Chicken salad by engaging you in a football contest. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from either of you – both of whom I am proud to call friends . .. . And, anyone reading this that has NOT come to the Convention . . . . . get your sorry butt to Atlanta next June. It will be one of the greatest experiences of your life!! Ray Dunlap (APBA Hall of Fame member)

  3. My sorry butt will be in Atlanta next year. I look forward to the gridiron battles! I’ll likely play in the baseball tourney too……..

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