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Donald Hall asks the following question: procedural question:

Q: “Ray………….Cowboys are in a 3 wide, Packers counter with a nickle and dial up a blitz…………roll of 25 on Staubach’s card is a 6…..does the up 2 from the 3 wide cancel the original down 2 from the blitz……….is final number a 6 or a 4.”

A: Donald . . . this is really an APBA Game Playing Question, not a scoring or rules concern, and our fearless leader, Greg, might be better suited to answer it . . . but, my understanding is that the two calls cancel each other out, and you would read the final number on Staubach’s card as a “6” . . .

3 thoughts on “Football Method of Play Question

  1. I thought this was how one would apply the playing rules on the question above:
    1. Cowboys in 3 wide and they pass so they read 2 lines up. DR 25 for PRN 6 becomes a 4
    2. Packers are in Nickle, so the index lowers, but not the lines. So let’s assume Dallas is either in B or C; but in either case, an adjusted PRN of 4 is complete no matter what.
    3. Apply the Blitz at the end of the other adjustments. 4 becomes 6. 6 is still complete no matter the index (unless the call was a Long Pass)
    4. The PRN actually becomes a 2

    That’s how I understand it –

  2. Mark – I believe you are 100% correct!! I should pass on all of these “Game Procedure” queries directly to you from now on!!!!

  3. I think the blitz rule is rather ineffective. It seems a lot more formidable in real life. When it originally came out, the drop was 4 lines. Then they issued a correction. But I rarely use it.

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