APBA Football Innovations – The Locator System

So, this is less of an “innovation” and more of a “utility.”  But, if you play the football game and you’d like an accurate distribution of Sacks and Interceptions, you can use the “QS” and “W” ratings on the defensive players’ cards to get there.

So, the attached spreadsheet is just a handy way to break this down.  Simply put in the name of each defensive player that has a QS or a W rating, along with those ratings, and the program will calculate the APBA dice-roll range.  Do this for each team and you will have an easy way to account for these defensive stats in a replay, tournament or simply a head-to-head matchup.  Now, when there is a sack or a pick during a game, you roll the dice, read them “APBA-style” and it will tell you who to give the credit to.

Here’s what the current (2019) Atlanta Falcons look like:

Falcons Sack and Pick

And, here’s the Spreadsheet if you’d like to give it a whirl . . . .

Team Sack and Interception Quotas


3 thoughts on “APBA Football Innovations – The Locator System

    • Phil – First of all, I was not familiar with your “Dice Range Calculator” . . . . so, shame on me!! But, after reading your note, I did look it up here on Greg’s site, and, you’re absolutely correct – it is basicly the same exact concept – just using the “QS” and “W” ratings that the game company assigns, instead of the actual NFL Sack and Interception numbers.

      What do they say about great minds thinking alike??!!??

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