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Most people play APBA right out of the box.  Some, like Mark Zarb, like to create their own player cards to use.  I go the opposite route . . . I use the game company’s cards, but I like to build my own boards.  There are lots of reasons why, but the one aspect that the game company introduced not too long ago that I really don’t care for are the different board results based on which quarter you are in.  I never really understood the reasoning or the value in that approach.

I do, however, like the idea of having different results for the same dice roll, but I use a third die to help with that.  So, what I’ve attached here are my Place Kick boards (Extra Points and Field Goals).  They are, in essense, the game company’s boards, just re-packaged.  Instead of looking at the results based on which quarter you’re in, you roll a third die (I use a yellow die) and that will tell you which column to look up the result in.

I also use the field goal distance, not the line of scrimmage, to determine whether or not a kick is good.  So, a result of “7” can result in anywhere from a 39 yard field goal to a 45 yard field goal, depending on the indicator die.

Kick Boards

I was careful to try and keep the distribution of results consistent with the game company’s . . . it just seems to make more sense to me this way.  So, again, this is just how I do it, and it works for me.  Just thought I would take advantage of this forum to share this idea with you.  And, as always, I would love to hear any feedback you might have.


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  1. Ray, this I like and to be honest I agree with your philosophy of how to play the game. I still owe you some sort of explanation on the recent email on timing. Things have been hectic here in the Romano household lately. It seems it always some sort of family issue but I will get back to you Ray….I hope. I just haven’t had the time I would like to play the game either football or baseball lately.

    Thanks again for this.

    John Romano

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