Brad Morgan “Coaches Coach”

I just finished my second game versus Brad Morgan and his Miami Dolphins and it once again came down to the wire. Brad has built an incredible 45/45 rated defense with three 5-rated All-Pros, DeForest Buckner, Xavier Howard, and Minkah Fitzpatrick. 

My New England Patriots were ahead 30 to 23 with eight plays left in the fourth quarter. After a touchback, the Dolphins began in B/B index. Brad converted a 4th and 2 from -33 with five plays remaining and scored on a 49-yard “trick play” pass from Landry to Parker with three plays left. Brad elected to go for two and the win but lucky for me the dice turned cold.

I would like to study Brad’s trick play call closer because it just demonstrated what an outstanding coach he is. The game clock was at the two-minute warning and he was faced with a 2nd down and one at the NE 49. He not only dialed up the perfect call at the absolute right time, but he also had to do everything possible to prevent me from being in a dime defense which would have nullified a trick play call. He went with a Pro Set formation and I fell into his trap with a nickel defense. This is just another example of the beauty of playing this great game face-to-face against an excellent coach.  

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