3 thoughts on “Game 218. New England at Baltimore

  1. Dan, I got a question on Cleveland Franklin on BAL. His card has 11 3s and he ran 21 times for only 52 yards. Did you do anything to temper his results? I see he went 18 for 64 for you.

  2. Joe, First of all good luck with your replay. I’ll be following on Delphi. Cleveland Franklin was the one card that I totally redid. He was a mess. If that card is used as an outside only runner it will average almost 7 yards per carry. If used 50/50 Inside/Outside it will still average 4.4 YPC. I don’t remember when I caught the error. But I found that Louis Jackson of the Giants had the most similar stats, so I used Louis Jackson’s card for Cleveland Franklin after I caught the mistake. Jackson is a hybrid runner, but I have no idea if what type of runner Franklin was, so I was okay using a hybrid in his place.


    • Thanks for the reply. I have used comparable players as subs in previous spots so I will do so again. I was prepping for the BAL-NE game I will roll tomorrow, when I stumbled across the card. Glad i caught it and had you to call on.

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