Calling Trick Plays – “Mark Zarb Style”

Mark Zarb was kind enough to allow me to release his “Trick Play” formula into the public domain. I’ve had the pleasure of using it for the past 12 replays and absolutely love it. I’m always amazed at how nearly each teams trick play attempt is accounted for. Traditionally, it’s the head coach that has the final say if a trick play is called and it’s no different on my tabletop. For example, if a “Fake Punt” comes up and the situation is unrealistic (backed up deep into my own territory, 4th and long situations, etc), I simply ignore it. The best part is that all trick plays are randomly selected to eliminate “gaming of the system”.

Step-by-step instructions are listed in the below standalone file. I hope that you enjoy this system as much as I have.

Trick Play Formula

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