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  1. Really enjoy your site. I am just getting back into APBA FB after a long layoff. I have boards from 60’s 80’s and 90’s Started a reply of 1974. While a lot of the game has come back to me, I am stumped on sacks. I always believed any QB loss is scored as a sack. But how do I determine who gets the sack. Appreciate any info. Thanks again for all the information.

    Jeff Siegel

    • Jeff, you can only determine the defender who logged the sack with the Master Game. I’ve created a video explaining how to use this feature. The video is listed under APBA Football 101 (Master Game) on the left side menu of this site.

      • I will check that out. Thanks. I only have played basic game. Thanks again.

  2. So I watched video for master game. Understood it completely. Unfortunately no sack numbers on cards. Perhaps because in 74 sacks were not yet a stat. Bummer. But hopefully will get to use locator system on a more recent replay. Thanks again for your help.

  3. I was watching a few of your videos and really appreciate the advice regarding “prepwork” for a replay. Are the spreadheets you use re: team ratings and gameplay indicators available for download? Thanks again.

  4. Love the game and love listening to you discuss various innovations. Are you aware of anyone hosting skype or zoom type 1v1 or league play?

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