6 thoughts on “Instructional Videos

  1. Really enjoy your site. I am just getting back into APBA FB after a long layoff. I have boards from 60’s 80’s and 90’s Started a reply of 1974. While a lot of the game has come back to me, I am stumped on sacks. I always believed any QB loss is scored as a sack. But how do I determine who gets the sack. Appreciate any info. Thanks again for all the information.

    Jeff Siegel

    • Jeff, you can only determine the defender who logged the sack with the Master Game. I’ve created a video explaining how to use this feature. The video is listed under APBA Football 101 (Master Game) on the left side menu of this site.

  2. So I watched video for master game. Understood it completely. Unfortunately no sack numbers on cards. Perhaps because in 74 sacks were not yet a stat. Bummer. But hopefully will get to use locator system on a more recent replay. Thanks again for your help.

  3. I was watching a few of your videos and really appreciate the advice regarding “prepwork” for a replay. Are the spreadheets you use re: team ratings and gameplay indicators available for download? Thanks again.

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