Automated APBA Football Locator Boards

Mr. Brian Davis with the assistance of Mr. Tony Betros created automated “Locator Boards” to rapidly identify the offensive index and intended receiver or defender who logged the sack or interception.  I’ve used their tremendous innovaton to complete several of my season replays in years past and have “tailored” it to meet my needs.  Now with one press of the F9 key (dice rolls), the replayer is able to determine the following:

  • Fletch67 defensive alignment for nuetral downs
  • Defensive alignment for situational downs
  • Keying a runner or double covering a receiver
  • Blitz
  • Match-up (Discussion point for another day)

I’ve since gone back to the dice (see “Method of Play”) but this a great way to play also.  The attached file is from my 1981 NFL replay (Zarb set) and I hope that you find it useful. I recommend reading the “Read Me” tab to see Brian’s instructions for using this great innovation.  

automated Football locators-1981

3 thoughts on “Automated APBA Football Locator Boards

  1. Question. What are the numbers generated below the formation boxes (cells J13 P13 and X13). I’ve been playing around and starting to get the hang of the spreadsheet but that one has me flumoxed. Probably something obvious. Thanks again for your site and videos. Really helpful,

  2. I used those as the extra roll to determine if there was a blitz or not. First, the defense would have to be in D alignment, than I would check to see if there was a 6 present. If there were 1 thru 5 there was no blitz, however, if a was present, this would indicate a blitz.

    • Ah. So that is instead of your yellow die in your video. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up. Appreciate it.

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