Phil Molloy Innovations

Phil Molloy is an avid player of APBA football who has created several outstanding innovations over the years. His dicerangecalculator offers a great alternative to the Locator columns (page B-13 of the Master game booklet) for determining receptions, interceptions and sacks.  This innovation renders outstanding results, speeds up replay time and accurately reflect substitutions and personnel packages used during the course of an actual game.  Just type names and statistics into columns A and B to generate dice roll numbers.  In the event of an injury and a reserve player (non-starter) is awarded the reception, sack or interception, refer to the “Substitution” table (tab located in new_plays) to determine which code number the reserve player was occupying prior to checking the injury table (B-19). For example, 1998 NY Jet’s reserve outside linebacker, Chad Cascadden, is awarded the sack; I will check the “Substitution” table to determine if he is at d6 or d7. 

Phil has created several new plays (QB sneak, Hail Mary, & surprise on-side kick), alternative for blitzing, and variances to special team’s plays (touchbacks, maximum rush to block a punt, & punts land within the 9-yard line) that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed for several years now.

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  1. Greg it is to bad that we can’t use a lot of the innovations into our league play. Our main problem is keeping the game moving at a smooth pace.

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