Jeffrey Hart Scoresheets

Mr. Jeffrey Hart is another individual who has made great contributions to the game of APBA Football.  His Line-Up sheet, Detailed Score sheet, and Play-by-Play sheet are without a doubt the best tool for recording a game that exists (versions apba_-_football_scoresheet_3.0 and APBA – Football Scoresheet 3.2).  My personal favorite is his version 3.2. Auto Line Up Sheet, just enter the team name, starting offensive (Pro-Set) and defensive (Standard) rosters, offensive/defensive split indexes, pass receiving rating (PRR), interception rating (WD) and sack rating (QS) and let the spreadsheet do the rest.  It not only generates the ranges for receptions, interceptions and sacks but creates the lineup for the various offensive personnel packages (i.e., 2 TE, Single Back, 3 WR & 4 WR sets), defensive sub packages (i.e., Pass, Goal Line, Nickel & Dime), and starting special teams rosters (Kickoff, Field Goal, Punt, Kick Return, Punt Return & Safe Punt Return).  Now, just add the kicker and punter and move on to the next team.

His detailed score sheet captures every stat under the sun and greatly reduces the time required to calculate game statistics.  Like any great product, it can be customized to fit your individual needs. 

The Play-by-Play sheet allows the gamer to record every play, capture scoring plays and track trends such as “hot or cold dice” or what index the team was in for that particular play or series.

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