Mark DerGarbedian “APBA Football” Files

Mark DerGaredian was nice enough to share his APBA Football setup and method of play with me.  He provided an excel file with 19 tabs covering a wide array of topics ranging from Fletch67, floating offensive index, PRR tables, files to recreate his stadium setup and his on-going project of recreating the basic boards onto excel.  He was even nice enough to create a “Special Team” roster template using my methodology from previous posts. My favorite file was his “Individual Team” roster file for displaying starting offensive and defensive lineups and capturing statistics.  He provided templates for use and provided a couple of examples (1962 Green Bay Packers and 1992 Dallas Cowboys).  It appears that he is implementing a “Home-Field” advantage index during his replays.   Hopefully, he will provide feedback regarding this innovation and provide final product of completed boards.

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      • And, I will say – this is version # 1; my plan is to make the set-up a bit cleaner if you will; but this works for now. My goal is to get the information “up” if you will so it’s easier to read and quicker to play, instead of always looking “down”. I did the same thing with my baseball set-up (even made a stadium out of cardboard). Would love to do that w/ football as well.

    • I have completed the Short Pass entirely. And, I have no issue with completing all of this, but…. it will take a bit of time; keying this in as I get a chance to; a little bit at a time.

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