Mark Degarabedian “New Stadium”

Mark Degarabedian has upgraded the look and usability of his APBA Football stadium. The field is mounted (taped) to styrofoam making it much easier for the push pins to go in and out when marking the ball, etc. The ball currently is “Blue” (future plans to paint brown & white), first down marker is “Yellow”, original line of scrimmage (where the drive began) is identified in “Red” and he uses “Green” for penalties. Mark has incorporated down and distance, offense and defense sets (A, B, C vs D,S,G), Play Clock, spots to put the Away and Home cards, and the plays onto one sheet. He attached the Floating Index, Fletch 67 and locator boards (PRR) to cardboard to sit “up” much higher eliminating the need to look down as much. He also added the logo’s of all the NFL teams for a nice touch.  

For those interested in replicating his setup, he provided the following in attached document:  Combo, Combo 2, Clock, Score, Field, Template (to key the lineup), Special Teams, and Indexes.  apba football combined

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