Denny Hodge’s “Score & Store” Score Sheet

For those of you who routinely visit “APBA Between the Lines” you are quite familiar with Mr. Denny Hodge, a.k.a. Zinnastone and his first-class replays.  I’m a big fan of his work and greatly appreciate his contributions to the game of APBA football.  His latest innovation, Football Score and Store, is nothing short of brilliant.  Denny has transformed Jeff Harts’s detailed score sheet into an interactive document that not only allows the gamer the ability to record and save individual game statistics, but automatically updates standings, team and league statistics.  In addition, he transformed the score sheet into an “automated locator” system which identifies the ball carrier, intended receiver and defensive alignment in accordance with Fletch67.

I know how time consuming it is preparing for a replay, but, I can’t imagine the level of effort it took to create this.  His willingness to share this tremendous innovation with the rest of the APBA Football community is incredibly generous.

For all questions/recommendations regarding this innovation, contact Denny at

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