Using “SKYPE” for League Play


Mr. Jerry Zajack and the fellow members of the National Card Football League (NCFL) are the pioneers for using modern technology (i.e., SKYPE) for APBA Football League play. Jerry articulately explains the many benefits in his presentation  I’ve attached the NFCL’s Rules for APBA Football via SKYPE.  I can’t tell you how impressed I was after witnessing his presentation/demonstration first hand.  I kept thinking, how cool it would be for me to be able to play a game with Phil Molloy in Australia if the time difference could be navigated.

5 thoughts on “Using “SKYPE” for League Play

  1. Funny you posted this right now — I’m on Skype with Steve “Big Fut” Meyersburg (for those who haven’t seen the video yet, he’s offscreen doing the demo with Jerry). Oovoo sounds even more promising as a platform; Steve had mentioned it months ago … you can have up to 12 connections at a time, and they give you the screen sharing Skype used to have. Oh, and it’s apparently more stable, too.

  2. I was beat to it, ooVoo works fluently over many connections and devices. I have even used it over a push(using a cell phone on 3G as a hot spot) connection on an iPad. But also the other thing is when set up right even a low bandwidth connection on Skype can be achieved. Difference between the two is Skype takes more overhead space where as ooVoo figures a way to make what’s available work. Good luck to all who play, Greg sometime I would love to get some more rolls in with you as well.

  3. yeah, I’ll have to look into this! I watched the presentation from Canton & it seems pretty simple. It would be great to roll some games with people over there!

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