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At the encouragement and insistance of my good friend, Geoff Giorrdano, I started the process of making instructional videos that correspond with my power point presentations.  In addition, after reviewing my briefings from the APBA Football Convention, I realized that the blitzing and keying presentations could be confusing to the audience so I posted revised slides to better explain the process. The updated slides and original presentations are located in the blog’s upper toolbar under “Instructional Videos”. 

Now, I realize that Hollywood will NOT be calling anytime soon since the picture quality is not the greatest (low-end cell phone).  However, I’m having fun with it and will continue to add to the library in the coming days.

8 thoughts on “Instructional Videos

  1. Greg,

    This is an excellent idea, but I have tried to watch two of the videos and they don’t seem to be loading. You may want to ensure that all is working correctly. Thanks for sharing!

    Mark D.

      • Works. Thanks. Two questions:

        1. Why do you not use Fletch 67 for defense on the situational downs? Do you feel that the better defenses are too good and the worse defenses are too bad if you use it in these situations? I was trying this sort of thing as well, but felt that you could manipulate the results (if you wanted to) by calling draw and screen on the long distance plays (1st and 15 or 3rd and 8; etc). Yes, you still need to roll, but the odds are in your favor to kind of skew the results I think.

        2. Blitzing. Do you only blitz if the extra die is a 6, or are there times a roll of something other than 6 is also a blitz?


      • 1. My rationale is even the bad teams should be in D alignment on third and long situations or G alignment on third and short situations the majority of the time. I don’t feel like I’m manipulating the system because their is still a chance to end up in S or G and I have many of times. If you used Fletch67 exclusively, you would find your lesser defenses being in G or S on the majority of 3rd and long situations and that is not realistic at all.

      • 2. There are no other times besides a dice roll 6. I’ve tinkered with the idea of adjusting that for heavy blitz teams (i.e. 2009 NY Jets) but I’m afraid it would skew the sack totals. I say this because I use the sack/interception innovation and my totals have been spot-on for years.

  2. Good points. I will give this a try. The innovations of the Great Greg Barath!

    I think you’re in store for a loooooong season w/ your Jets my friend, but good luck.

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