New Procedure associated with Screen Passes and Draw Plays

Effective immediately, I will no longer refer to the “Situational Down & Distance” chart when calling a draw or screen pass on situational downs (i.e., 1st & > 15, 2nd & > 10, 3rd & >8, and 3rd and 5 to 7 yards).  For post-1981 seasons, on third and long situations (8+), I will compare the run rating of the opposing team’s dime package against Fletch67 to determine the defensive alignment.  For pre-1981 seasons, I will use the run rating of the opposing team’s standard defense against Fletch67.   For post-1981 seasons on third and medium situations (3rd and 5 to 7 yards), I will use the run rating of the opposing team’s nickel package against Fletch67. Now I know that you’re wondering, why don’t I use their passing rating on situational downs? The answer is, poor teams would be in either “S” or “G” way too often on these situations and that is not realistic at all. There is not a single defensive coordinator in the league that would have his team in a run alignment on a third and long situation.  However, there are times when poor execution results in a blown coverage and the “Situational Down & Distance” chart allows this to occur on an infrequent basis.  The only time the offense is guaranteed to face a “D” alignment is when a screen pass or draw is the result of an audible.  I believe this will eliminate any chance of “gaming” the system and provide a more face-to-face feel to the game. In addition, I’m currently revamping my “Method of Play” presentation to mirror my current playing techniques.

2 thoughts on “New Procedure associated with Screen Passes and Draw Plays

  1. What’s your feeling on trying to incorporate things like nickel backs or three WRs/two TEs with later ’70s to 1981 teams (say, Randy Hughes with the Cowboys, or Casper and Chester with the Raiders). Have you ever worked out +2/-2 line adjustments for those?

    • One could of course, however, besides the late 70s Chargers, most teams didn’t routinely implement a 3 WR package. The only reason I state post 81 is the majority of teams were using multiple personnel packages by then and the game company revamped the game to reflect theses changes.

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