C. Robert’s “Interactive Football Scoreboard”

While on one of my daily visits to APBA – Between the Lines forum, I ran across one of the coolest things I have ever seen for APBA Football an “Interactive Football Scoreboard”.  One of the primary purposes of this blog is to offer various methods and techniques for playing this game.  With that in mind, I immediately reached out to Curt and we exchanged a few emails. He was kind enough to grant me permission to share this incredible innovation with the rest of the APBA Football community.

Curt’s scoreboard provides scoring, a game clock (30 plays per quarter), ball marker yard line, automated dice roll, play-calling system, reverse/flip field button, and ball repositioning button.

Basic User Guide:
– Enter team nickname (i.e. “Bears”…first letter must be capitalized) correctly and team logo will display on screen
– Touch/click on score to increment the score or click on ‘+3’, ‘+7’, ‘-1’ buttons to adjust score
– Click on football (center of screen) to register yardage for the last play
– Game clock will automatically run (30 secs each play) and automatically adjust to each quarter as the game evolves
– Click on yard-marker (bottom-left) to reposition ball anywhere on the field (green arrows at center of screen also adjust ball yard marker)
– Click on flip-field button (bottom-right) to change ends (i.e. set the ball on the opposite end of field)
– Click on dice to trigger a new roll
– Play-Calling System will automatically recalculate based on changes made on the scoreboard
– “To Go” yardage can be adjusted by clicking on ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols under yards “To Go”


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