Special Thanks to P. Molloy/G. Wells

Now that the 2011 NFL season replay is finally complete, I wanted to take the time to thank a couple of people for their contributions.  When I first began the project, I noticed that the fumble numbers were way above league averages.  Mr. Greg Wells was nice enough to send me the “Fumble Frequency Numbers” innovation that was posted in the APBA Journal many years ago. I implemented this innovation on game 70 of the replay and was extremely pleased with the “per game” results (AFC – Replay 2.3/Actual 2.6) (NFC – Replay 2.2/Actual 2.5).

The other person that I would like to thank is Mr. Phil Molloy.  After posting the box score of my first game of the replay back in November 2012, he sends me an email informing me that the formula I’m using for “Yards Gained (Net) per Pass Play” was incorrect.  His attention to detail is off the charts and I always appreciate him not embarrassing me in a public forum.  With his assistance, we corrected this imperfection.  I thoroughly enjoyed using his “Read Option” innovation when playing with Cam Newton, Tim Tebow and Michael Vick. It brought an added touch of “realism” to the game.  If this replay did anything for me, it validated the accuracy of his “Dice Range Calculator” with regard to receptions, sacks and interceptions.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results especially in the receiving category.  I highly recommend taking a look at 2011 NFC Stats/2011 AFC Stats to compare receptions against actual performance.

Thank you gentlemen!

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