APBA Football Tutorial 3.0

Well my motto or mission statement is “Pursuit of the Perfect Replay”. Although I’ve played more games than I ever care to count, I’m constantly trying to improve “my craft” as a Master game replayer. My goal is always to obtain realistic and accurate statistics, decrease playing time, and increase the “playability” of the game to enhance my enjoyment.

With that said, I’ve made three major changes to my “Method of Play”. First, I no longer use the “Floating Index” from the APBA Journal but use the “Offensive Index Finder” in the back of the Master Game booklet. Why did I make this change? It’s an absolute pleasure calling a play without knowing what the offensive index is in advance. When using the “Floating Index” or using the traditional “Plus 8/Minus 8” rule, the gamer either already knows the index or has a very good idea what it will be. Now it doesn’t matter if the offense is -18 against the “85” Chicago Bears defense, they still have a 1/36 chance at being in “A” for that play. In a nutshell, playing this way eliminates any conscious or subconscious gaming of the system. Secondly, I no longer determine the offensive index by series but for each individual play. This will eliminate “hot or cold” dice rolls having a major impact on the outcome of the game. Being a big believer in “constructive criticism”, I’ve eliminated multiple dice rolls by rolling four or five dice at a time.

In APBA Football, draw plays and screen passes are “contradictory” type plays. So I no longer call these plays from scrimmage, however, they occur off an audible system. I no longer adhere to APBA’s rule of one audible per quarter but allow unlimited amount on “situational” downs. I’ve also incorporated my procedures for the final “Two-Minutes” of regulation and revamped how I handle kick and punt returns.

This presentation has been added to the “Method of Play” menu in the upper tool bar. To allow instructional videos to play, select “Read Only”, Enable Content, select “Slide show” tab from upper ribbon, select “From the Beginning”, and choose “This is from a trusted source”.

To provide one-stop shopping, the following presentations have also been posted there:

  • Blitzing
  • Keying
  • Sack & Interception
  • Yards per Catch

I hope for you find this latest edition of my apba-football-tutorial-3.0 informative.

2 thoughts on “APBA Football Tutorial 3.0

  1. Nicely done. I don’t like the draw and screen plays much, either, and I love the idea of not limiting audibles. I’ve been wanting to try a 40-second “play clock,” like an egg timer or something, during face-to-face matches (someone else in our group also suggested something along those lines), but it turns out you don’t really need that in FTF competition as play calling seems to come quite quickly — within 10 seconds, if not five. But using more audibles certainly reflects today’s game more accurately.

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