Managing the Kicking Game during a Season Replay

For someone who prides himself in doing first-class replays, I’ve been extremely laissez-faire in how I manage the kicking game. That stops immediately, I will incorporate the following actions into the final preparation phase for my upcoming 2002 NFL replay:

  • All teams will attempt a field goal once they reach their opponent’s 32-yard line (49-yard field goal attempt or less) unless the game situation dictates going for it on fourth down.
  • Each team’s kicker, attempts past 50-yards and actual long will be listed and tracked in team locators.
  • Kicker‘s will BE allowed to attempt a kick past their actual long but not exceed their actual attempts past 50-yards.

4 thoughts on “Managing the Kicking Game during a Season Replay

  1. Interesting . . . . . but, most of the time I’m really not a big fan of “absolutes.” I like the fact that NFL kickers have attempted long field goals – Zuerlein (Rams) attempted a 66 yarder, Walsh (Vikings) a 68 yarder, Janikowski (Raiders) a 64 yarder – that hit this upright!. And Dawson (49ers) and Crosby (Packers) each attempted a Free Kick, one 71 yards and one 69 yards. And, the mother of all attempted field goals was a Janikowski 76 yarder in 2008 (it was WAY short, by the way) . . . .

    One thing you might want to consider, though, is to have different rules for FREE KICKS, where the place kicker can run up to kick the ball just like on a kick-off, which, by all measures, would increase his likelihood of kicking it a long way. I realize they don’t come up too often, but in my replays, I adjust each free kick attempt by five yards in the kicker’s favor.

    On my kick boards I have six different outcomes for each number on the kicker’s card. I use an indicator die to determine which column to read these in. And, if the result on the kicker’s card is a “1” or a “17,” and the indicator die is a “6”. . . the kick result is 63+die . . . . . so the actual kick could be good from 64 to 69 yards, depending on that die roll result. Obviously, if you kicker has a “1” on his card and is attempting a 66 yard field goal, he still has only a very small chance of making this kick – about a 1 in 324 chance . . . but . . . . . a chance!!

    Just some food for thought!


    • Ray,
      I have done it the way you described for years but want to get more of a “handle” on it moving forward. It’s funny you mention Free Kicks, I’m a big fan and have at least one each replay. This year, Jim Turner attempted a 60+ but it fell short.

      • I usually have one Free Kick in each tournament . . . . but, none this year . . . .

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