2019 NFL Tournament

It’s about time for me to start my 2019 NFL Tournament, and Greg magnanimously allows me to post my results on his website.  All the prep work is done (nearly 100 hours worth!), and the contests will begin!!

For those of you not familiar with how I structure this endeavor, let me take this opportunity to go over my rules.

Each team is seeded in their own division based on their 2019 W-L record.  For example, the #1 team in the NFC (the 49ers) will be playing the #16 seed (the Redskins).  After the first round I will have 16 winners that all go into the “Winner’s” bracket, and 16 losers, each of whom will go into the “Loser’s” bracket.

All of the losing teams in each division now play each other – the eight winners will advance . . . the eight losers are eliminated.  The winning teams in their respective divisions will also play each other.  Now, what I have are 16 teams who are 1-1, and eight teams who are 2-0.  The 1-1 teams play each other, effectively eliminating another eight teams and advancing the other eight teams, now with records of 2-1.

The unbeatens also square off, resulting in four teams who are 3-0 and four more who are 2-1.

This, then, gives me 16 teams . . . with the undefeated teams now assuming the #1 and #2 seed in their own division, and, at this point, I go from a double-elimination format to a single elimination tournament with the final 16 teams.

So, I will play a total of 59 games and ultimately crown a Super Bowl champ!  Here we go!!

NFL Schedule

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