Dallas 40 – New Orleans 17

Drew Brees couldn’t go, and was replaced in the Saints’ lineup by Teddy Bridgewater.  You would think that, alone, might explain Dallas’ 23 point victory.  But, Bridgewater doesn’t play defense . . . and he didn’t get flagged for ten penalties for 90 yards . . . and he didn’t fumble the ball at the Cowboys’ 11 yard line.

He did, however, complete 66% of his passes for 271 yards, one TD and no turnovers.

No, it was the Saints’ defense that did not seem to have an answer for Dak Prescott, the Dallas quarterback, who was 24-31 for 361 yards and 3 scores to three different receivers.  Ezekiel Elliott added 98 yards on the ground and a pair of TD runs as the Cowboys get a statement victory over the favored Saints.

Dallas now advances to the 2-0 winner’s bracket, while the Saints move to the elimination bracket.


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