Tampa Bay 28 – Arizona 24

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay’s up and down quarterback, had a real “Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde” kind of game.  On the one hand, with the Bucs trying to protect a 7-point lead, he turned the bell over on three consecutive fourth quarter possessions – two fumbles and one interception.  This allowed Arizona to tie the game at 21 and eventually take the lead 24-21 . . . with less than two minutes to play.

But Winston apparently has a flair for the dramatic, and drove the Bucs 84 yards in less than a minute to secure a com-from-behind victory and to eliminate the Cardinals from the playoffs!

From his own 16 yard line, he hit Chris Godwin for 19 yards and then found Breshad Perryman for 38, where Arizona was flagged for a facemask penalty, moving the ball all the way to their 12 yard line.  Then Winston found Mike Evans open for the game winning toss to complete the comeback!


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