Kansas City 31 – New England 21

For the second time in this tournament, the Kansas City Chiefs came from behind to defeat the New England Patriots . . . but this game propels KC to the AFC Championship game, and sends the Pats home.

Once again it was Patrick Mahomes, the remarkable Chiefs’ quarterback, leading the way, completing 23 passes for 405 yards and 4 TD’s!

Tom Brady tried to keep the Pats in it, with New England closing to within 3 points with only 10:00 to play.  Then, after another Mahomes TD pass to increase Kansas City’s lead to 31-21, Brady hit Julian Edelman for a 67 yard TD pass . . . only to see it wiped out because he had crossed the line of scrimmage before he threw the ball!

 Kansas City is now 5-0 in the playoffs and Mahomes has been other-worldly.  Here are his remarkable numbers after five victories:

            ATT         COMP          YARDS         INT            TD          PASS RATING

             174           120              1,956             3               25              138.79

By any measuring stick, this man is AMAZING!!!!!!!!


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