Comparing “+8/-8” vs “Floating Index”

There has always been curiosity between avid APBA Football players regarding which renders more accurate results, using the traditional +8/-8 to determine the offensive index or using one of the offensive index finder systems (floating index). During the first 48 games of my 2019 NFL replay, I used the traditional (+8/-8) method and Mark Zarb’s floating index during the latter 48 games. I primarily focused on the six following categories: total first downs, net rushing yards, average rushing gain, total passing yards gained, total net yards gained, and points scored.

Although this is a small sample size, the floating index moved my statistics closer to actuals in four of the six categories. I use the floating index to determine the offensive index on every play and not at the beginning of each series or quarter. Take a moment to digest the attached document below but moving forward, I will only use the floating index to determine the offensive index because it makes every team point count and renders more accurate results.

Offensive Index Comparison

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