Augmenting QB Rushing Attempts – Innovation

The big football news out of the convention is the 2022 APBA Football card set will code certain QBs (Allen, Hurts, Jackson, Fields, etc) who frequently executed designed runs. Using Pro-Football Reference, APBA will identify the amount of called runs and incorporate this into the R-column. The scramble numbers (26/27) will be calculated only for actual number of scrambles NOT total rushing attempts. The coding will be like WRs coded with (EB/HB) to address the jet sweep.

This is a major upgrade that will enhance realism and playability. We have two gentlemen to thank for this major upgrade, Mr. Greg Wells and Mr. Doug Reese. I know that Greg has been working behind the scenes with John on this for nearly a year. Doug has been in the forefront on this matter, he has sent countless emails to APBA and has been quite verbal on this front but the “squeaky wheel gets the grease.” His persistence is a win for our entire football community and we owe both gentlemen a debt of gratitude.

To my knowledge, APBA is not going to re-issue any QB cards for season sets currently being sold in Stadium Shop but this new methodology will be used on all future sets. I would like to introduce my innovation for determining the amount of “called” runs for running type QBs. The below PDF explains this innovation and “Augmenting QB Rushing Attempts” is the excel file needed to make this process painless.

Augmenting QB Rushing Attempts

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