Jeff Hart’s “Detailed Score Card”

Without a doubt, one of the greatest tools for capturing an APBA Football game is the score sheet designed by Mr. Jeff Hart. I’ve used it for over ten years and wouldn’t dream of playing a game without. Denny Hodges (a.k.a. Zinnastone) used it as the template for his state of the art “Score and Store” system. My APBA Football brother and dear friend, Mark Zarb, recently sent me his score sheet from a thrilling NY Jets come-from-behind victory. The thing that struck me was how each of us customized this great works sheet to meet our individual needs. For example, Mark records his games in a cumulative manner (see below) where I record each individual play result and determine totals at the end of the game. I’ve said this many times before but it merits repeating, “Jeff, thank you for all that you have done for APBA Football.”  

Zarb Scoresheet









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