“Yards per Carry” Calculator

The average of the RB’s card may or may not reflect his actual yards per carry. If the RB is slotted to spend a lot of time in “A” index, the card normally is downgraded and the opposite is true if the RB will spend a lot of time in “C” index. Factors such as hot or cold dice, defensive alignment, line changes associated with keying, blitzing, nickel or dime defenses will have either a positive or negative impact on the card’s performance. Attached is a “Yards per Carry” Calculator to estimate the runner’s average based off his card. If the RB has a “K” (breakaway run) in his “R” column, determine if he has a ‘1 or “2” in the “K” column of RPN 66. For example, Tony Dorsett’s card listed in “Top Rushing Performances” has 3 K’s on his card and a “1” in the “K” column associated with RPN 66. I would insert “3” adjacent to RB with a “1” @ RPN 66 in the All-Purpose Rusher (15-17-19) table. Finally, ensure all 36 numbers listed under the RB’s “R” column are entered into the calculator.

Yards Per Carry Calculator